The services offered by Haya Titulización covers all the steps and formalities which need to be completed under the current legal framework in Spain in order to set up a securitisation fund. In addition, this range of services also covers the tasks arising from the management and administration of the funds, until their extinction. Including but not limited to, the services offered by the Management Company can be summarized as follows: 


  • Individual assessments for each transaction 
  • Identification of the required information
  • Advice provider  to all participants 
  • Ideal portfolio definition
  • Electronic file developement
  • Rating agency election
  • Portfolio review and selection
  • Hiring external legal advisors
  • Fund Legal representation
  • Financial structure Design
  • Underwriting entity election
  • Schedule Developement
  • External agents coordination
  • Contractual documentation developement
  • Required documentation processing 
  • Fund management and administration
  • Continuous support to originators